Sunday, April 22, 2007

Comments on Robyns Reflections

I enjoyed reading your reflections, and found it useful for my course as well. You mentioned briefly clinical pharmacokinetics - although not relevant here but here is an incredible website which uses animations to help explain clearly.

Robyn states that "As work is collaborative learning about referencing can be learner to learner described by Kaufman as Constructivism (4).This is an area where I need to align my dominant TPI scores of Apprenticeship and Nurturing with setting high standards (5). However my primary focus is to reduce not increase stress on the participants as they are undertaking major change in their work environment."
This is something that I have discussed with colleagues and agree that not adding stress is important especially if online learning is new to the participant. The experience of not physically being with others in the same space is probably the main emotions trigger.(Salmon, 2000) The emotional quotient is something that I hadn't factored in and depending on where one is in relation to their learning, can become quite overwhelming. Certainly allowing students to reflective on their learnings provides a useful forum both for other students and not doubt the tutor.

Robyn states: Bandura (4) describes self-efficacy as requiring verbal persuasion, this would be provided as feedback and cues towards completing tasks.
As Salmon states the need for skillful human intervention will not disappear. Good structure, pacing and clear expectations of participants perhaps may help, but the difficulty in getting students to engage seems to be a common thread.

Robyn states: Finally I have reflected on my reluctance to engage closely with Theories, perspectives and teaching methods.
I have to agree that I was surprised by this tool in the tick box approach to it. Having re-read and re-done the survey I appreciate its value in providing a tool for reflection and thought on practice.

Salmon, G. (2002, April 3-5). Hearts, minds and screens: Taming the future. Paper presented at the EduCAT Summit Innovation in e-Education, Hamilton , New Zealand.

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Robyn said...

Hi Sanya
I went to the and it was fun!! It will be useful for self directed and liven up some training days. I can suggest using interactive sites like that for encouraging late adopters of technology.
Reflecting on your comment about new online users has me wondering how to reward or build in marks for succeeding in the online environment. I am intrigued by our process as this is the first time I have encountered collaborative tasks with marks attatched (doing Postgrad study). Nurses are (or were!) most definitely encultured to collaborate.
I suspect motivation to participate in pair or group work would be higher if each person had a specific piece to contribute followed by a joint undertaking.
In the pharmacy project you have been involved in Sanya I liked being able to see the faces of the contributors.
I also think fun is an enormous part of all I do and somehow working that in to a "flatter" online medium will be a challenge.